Five Ways To Stop Neck Pain From Taking Over Your Life

Neck Pain

Neck pain can make it impossible for you to move around, and that means you can’t get anything done – including enjoying your time off. Here are five helpful ways to stop neck pain from getting in the way of the better things you have to do.

Sit Up Straight

Your mother was right when she advised you to sit right: Poor posture is a leading cause of body pain and a primary reason many people find themselves at the doctor’s or chiropractor’s office. Especially if you work in a seated position all day long, make sure you’re sitting up straight and have a good, supportive chair to occupy.

Sleep Better

If you’re waking up with a stiff neck, it may be caused by the way you are sleeping. Experts recommend you avoid sleeping on your side or stomach, as this can easily contribute to neck problems. Try sleeping on your back and make sure also, that the room is a comfortable temperature – make it a little cooler than what you would during the daytime when you are more active.

Think Before You Lift Heavy Objects

Ouch! How many times have you said “I shouldn’t have done that by myself!”? Whenever you lift something over 10 pounds, (less if you have serious back or neck problems), ask someone to help you and make sure you bend at the knees.

Use An Ice Pack

Extreme cold reduces inflammation and that may be just what you neck needs to feel relief. Try a pack of frozen peas if you don’t have an actual ice pack, as the peas will conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders.

Invest In A Specialty Pillow

Some pillows are simply better for you neck than others; if you’re experiencing consistent and serious pain, buy a pillow especially designed to give you the support you need in your neck.

Talk to a doctor about pain that lasts for more than a few days or pain that prevents you from engaging in normal activity. Life is too short and you’ve got much better things to do than suffer!

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